VMCH Daystar's Lady Miriam *P

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Click Here to see Miriam's extended pedigree

Miriam passed away Dec. 2018, she may be gone, but will never be forgotten!

Miriam is our 2nd gen. (62.5/37.5%) Mini Nubian doe. We are very happy with how she turned out.
She has a well attached udder with plumb teats and is a dream to milk.
Miriam has great body capacity and an amazing personality that she passes on to all of her kids.

Here are some her show wins;
 Jr. Grand Champion Mini Nubian doeling in MDGA's Summer 2009 V-show.
In the Fall 2009 V-show Miriam won Jr. Best of Show & Grand Champion Jr. Mini Nubian Doe,
Fall 2010 Reserve Champion Sr. Doe.
Summer 2013 Grand Champion & Best Udder of Breed in ring one & Grand Champion in ring two.
She also won Best Senior Doe in Show!!

In 2013 Miriam earned her 3rd Virtual show leg!
A VCH is like earning a CH in the live show ring.
Good job Miriam!!!

In 2015, Miriam earned her production star and became a VMCH!
We are so proud of this girl!

As of 2016, Miriam is now retired from breeding.

"The doe standing in 1st today leads the balance of the class in mammary system
with a wider higher rear udder, greater area of attachment, and most balance to the halves.
She excels in dairy character with a long lean neck, openness in the flank, lovely dairy wedge

as quoted from Karen Torrence, the 2013 MDGA Summer V-show dairy goat judge.

See her daughter below; Daystar's Lady Suzanna 2*P.

Miriam's son was tested G6S Normal!!!

Miriam's Dam had 5 kids in 2011!! 4 girls and a boy. All were strong and healthy.


V-show Quotes:


Kidding History
2010 - 2 does
2011 - 2 bucks, 1 doe
2012 - 2 bucks, 1 doe
2013 - 2 bucks, 2 does
2014 - 2 bucks
2015 - 2 bucks, 2 doe

Sire: Echo Hill's King Othello (4th gen.)     

Daystar's Valentine (1st gen.)

Sire's Dam: FMCH Hidden Creek's Phoebe's Sweetie

Dams Sire: Echo Hill's King Othello (4th gen.)

Sire's Sire: FCH Rainbow Meadows Charlie Brown

Dam's Dam: Daystar's Clover (Nubian)

Miriam as a 1st freshener at 2 yrs.


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