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Echo Hill's King Othello

Othello was our first Mini Nubian buck.
He was a great boy with excellent conformation and amazing dairy character.
He was a very sweet boy and passed that on to his kids.
We are so glad we had him as foundation sire.
We miss you terribly Othello!!

Mystic Acres Peter Pan

Peter was an amazing Nigerian Dwarf buck.
He has great dairy character and conformation.
He was excellent body capacity and a great disposition.
Sadly he passed away in 2010

Goat Steak King Solomon

Solomon had great conformation and had a very dairy character.
He had beautiful blue eyes which he passed on to his kids
Sadly, Solomon passed away in the late summer of 2012.

Daystar's Sir Joshua

Joshua is an amazing Mini Nubian buck with excellent conformation and lovely ears.
He is the sire of our little girl Days of Grace *P.
Sadly he was to closely related to our girls so we found him
a new herd where he will be used to pass on his wonderful bloodlines.


Daystar's Elijah

Elijah is a gorgeous buck with a great temperament, and wonderful dairy qualities.
He has a very sweet personality and passes that on to his kids.
He is from great milk and show lines.


Echo Hill's BN Bonanza
Tested G6S Normal!!

Bonanza is a gorgeous 5th gen. (51.67/48.33%) Mini Nubian buck.
He has quality breed character with the milk background we desire in our dams & sires.
His beautiful ears are frosting on the cake!
Little Mountain's Mellow Fellow
Tested G6S Normal!!

Click Here to see Mellow's extended pedigree
Mellow is a very correct 1st gen. Mini Nubian buck
with heavy milk genetics!

Cornerstone Farm Winchester '73

"Chester" is a 4th gen. (53.91/46.09%) Mini Nubian.
He has very nice conformation and "to die for" breed character!
And to top off his great milk and show lines. He also has some gorgeous moonspots!


Daystar's Master Benjamin - G6S normal!

Ben is our 1st gen. (50/50%) polled Mini Nubian buck.
We have 2 polled doeling out of Ben.
We look forward to using them in our breeding program.




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