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 "For every beast of the forest is Mine, the cattle on a thousand hills." Psalm 50:10

'PR' Night Train General MacArthur
English Shepherd

  Registered with UKC
Born 5/20/2016

Sire: 'PR' Highland Glenn's Fahey
DU Prairie Liam / Glimmercroft Riley

Dam: Night Train Embrace 
MC Cullough's Tex / Autumn's Joy DU Prairie

"Mac" is an absolutely amazing boy we love his personality!
He is very smart, obedient boy and does well with the critters and people.

Dexter Cows

In the fall of 2011, we got our very first Irish Dexter cow.

The Irish Dexter is a stocky breed but they are known for both meat and milking ability. They will produce 1.5 - 2 gallons of milk a day. They can also be butchered for their meat. With a smaller sized family this breed has developed into a good cow for those that have small acreage. They have a very nice, quiet personality which makes them easy to be around. Most have horns but they also can be born polled (born without horns). They come in black, red or a lighter red which is called dun.  

Dolly Doo Cow

Dolly is our beautiful Irish Dexter cow.
She is very sweet and docile.
Dolly's Bramble Berry

Brambles was born early morning 1/25/17
She is 3/4 Irish Dexter, 1/4 British White Park
 Bully Boy Jasper

Jasper is our new Handsome Red Irish Dexter bull.
He is 100% Dexter

Dolly's Mud Puddle

Puddles was born on a very wet & rainy evening of 1/18/19
She is 100% Dexter out of Dolly by our Red bull Jasper
Bramble's Tuppence

Brambles was born the evening of 2/11/19
She is 87.50 Irish Dexter, 12.50 British White Park
She is by Jasper our Red Dexter bull out of Brambles




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