Daystar's Eternal Hope *P

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Hope is a 6th gen. (51.22/48.78%) Mini Nubian Jr. doe.
She a very well built doe with lovely breed character.
We are very happy to have this girl!!

Tested G6S normal

V-show Quotes:

This doe has nice length as well as depth of body. I would like to see her with more blending through the neck and shoulders in order to place higher.
~ Kaylie Piver Summer 2015

#4 is over #3 in general appearance, in the shoulder she blends into the chest more smoothly. 
She is deeper in the chest and a bit more angular in the rear leg from the side view. 
~ Crystal Eutsler Suummer 2015

Kidding History

Sire: Echo Hill's BN Bonanza

Dam: Daystar's Abundant Faith

Sire's Dam: Echo Hill's I-B Bonnie2
Dam's Dam: Daystar's Lady Elizabeth
Sire's Sire: Echo Hill's Sierra Nevada *B
Dam's Sire: Echo Hill's 7-Up   

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