Daystar's Eternal Hope *P

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"Trilly" is a 4th (52.36/47.64%) gen Mini Nubian doeling born 5/02/18
She is a daughter of our doe Daystar's Eternal Hope *P

We're totally in love with this girl and cant wait to see how she freshens next spring!

Tested G6S normal by parentage!

V-show Quotes:

GCH today is my Senior Yearling. She is smooth in her front end, balanced in her depth and strength with all around strong general appearance.
Her set to forelegs viwed from front gives her the nod over the 2nd place Sr. Yearling who is my RGCH
Pat Hendrickson - Summer 2019

One is placing over 2 for her advantage in general appearance being tighter at the elbow. She has a slight advantage in rump width giving her a more open escutcheon.
Pat Hendrickson - Summer 2019

D-F General Appearance more level topline and more level from hips to pins
Travis Cockburn - Summer 2019

Kidding History

Sire: Newman Lake GGTG Créme's Nicolas *B

Dam: Daystar's Eternal Hope

Sire's Sire: Green gables Tough Guy *B

   photo courtesy of Newman Lake Farm
Dam's Sire: Echo Hill's BN Bonanza

Sire's Dam: Green Gables Créme della Créme 4*P

Dam's Dam:
Daystar's Abundant Faith

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